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HI, I'm Vanessa.

I enjoy things that
fondle my mind.

I study information design
and marketing and I love it.

Bloom | Gypsy & the Cat


1 year ago39 plays

Ghost | Yellow Ostrich

I’m so tired of you, but I’ve got no one else to talk to…

I Can Get Love | Toro Y Moi

This is my jaaammmm.

Young At Heart | Frank Sinatra

Frankie is the best for lazy sick days.

1 year ago221 plays

Spain | Jubliants

Australia always produces some pretty great bands.

1 year ago19 plays

The Vigor | Alpine

Alpine, la creme de la creme!

1 year ago29 plays

Breakers | Local Natives


So in love. Can’t wait for this album.

Maliblue | Darius


This album has been helping me get through this early winter. It makes me think of summer times.

1 year ago79 plays

Influence | Heavenly Beat

I am obsessed.

1 year ago99 plays

Appreciate | Lemâitre

Perfect song for this saturday morning. I just want to dance!

Ready, Able | Grizzly Bear


Will always be my favorite song by Grizzly Bear.

Faithless | Heavenly Beat

1 year ago19 plays

Catacomb Party | Fierce Creatures


For quite some time now, this band has earned a place in my top favorites for obvious reasons.

1 year ago19 plays